About Us

Since our inception, the core business of Smith Marine Towing has been supporting Oil and Gas projects in Gulf of Mexico. Over the years we have grown to become a diversified marine logistics provider supporting a wide range of marine projects, most notably within the dredging support, project cargo tows, ship assist and offshore liquid cargo delivery markets.

Our fleet of vessels consist of newly built and ABS fully classed offshore towing/anchor handling tugs ranging in size from 3,600 HP to 6,000 HP class. All vessels are operated by some of the industry’s most knowledgeable and experienced captains and crew members.

Many of our Captains and deck crews have worked together on their particular vessel for well over 10 years resulting in unmatched operational reliability and safety. With safety at the forefront of operations, our crew members are always current with the proper safety training and knowledge. All vessels are continuously being improved with internal and external audits, inspections, and surveys. Smith Marine are members of the American Waterways Operators, DISA, and ISNetworld.

Our Marine Logistical Services & Support encompass a vast area. Our domestic marine support covers all inland, coastal and offshore areas of the Gulf of Mexico as well as all parts of the US Eastern and Western coasts. International support includes Mexico, Central and South America as well the Caribbean.

Of great importance to Smith Marine Towing Corporation is providing a first rate service at competitive pricing as safely as possible while furnishing exceptional marine equipment and crews.